The Tempest


THIS made me laugh SO hard!


Game over


"You do anything fun Saturday night?"

Black Widow just standing there is action enough.


this is my new fave thing



this was the best filler episode of all time.

the atla fillers were so good half the time i didn’t even realize they were fillers




Yeah if you haven’t seen “Kung Fu Hustle”, stop whatever you’re doing and go watch that shit.

This movie….

One of my all time favorites.


atla scribbles. Appa is my fave hhhh


(Pieces are almost in chronological order from the past ten years)

It all started with a sketch.. and a book

I think my first memory of drawing any  comic book heroes was of  x-men  in a math note book back in 4th/5th grade(lost to time).

it started with a sketch again, that i posted online on forums and it became a sketch daily thing. That gave me the courage to post more and try and learn to get better.  I than started to color them for fun and when people started to request them at cons i grew to learn to love character i didn’t love before.

After/during college i was ready for work and thanks for a random email i wrote to Steve Gordon i got to live my dream. Thanks to him and the great late Boyd Kirkland  i became a ntern/effects artist for Wolverine and the X-men and he taught me so much in the short time i worked in that small studio. I designed every characters effects except a couple like night crawler and some others. I was also self proclaimed office x-men encyclopedia know it all and when any director needed nerd knowledge i knew it. Don’t worry i was bummed like everyone else when season 2 got canceled and that show is something i have  always been proud of and glad to be apart of it. 

So in the end why am i drudging up ten years of old men sketches?

Now that I am compiling a new sketchbook i was forced to go through through all my records from the past ten years  and that piece at the very bottom of the dark phoenix team in blue line is my first sketchbook that i started when i first moved away from home and have never show or posted anywhere. I’m steal learning and it nice to remind myself that i can progress and remember where it all came from.

They arent the only fandom i keep in my heart but they been there one of the longest. In the end my love for x-men is hopefully lifelong and they helped shape the kinda of creator i am today.


(fun fact lol) My first comic book was the storm vs Callisto reprint found a local carnival in Hawaii.

(funfact lol) My first action figure ever was gambit toy biz with plastic coat and feet kicking action bought my dad in vacation in California. 

(funfact) I’ve always said i wanted magnetism as a superpower. La traffic is the worst


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One day closer!


One day closer!


"Of course, every soldier is prepared to die. But these people aren’t just pawns on a chessboard. They all have names, families and feelings in their hearts too. They are all humans who live and bleed."




i present to you

people that look like animated characters

you’re welcome